Applications and designing with live edge wood

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March 28, 2016
What is live edge wood ?
March 28, 2016

I have received some questions this week as to “what was I planning to do with two planks of wood” (as well as…your crazy kelly….but thats not what this blog is about today…) and so I wanted to share a few images of applications that can be done when designing a new table utilizing live edge wood, concrete, glass and resin. My friend here in Jacksonville, Greg Morgan ( is going to take my two pecan slabs (perfect with worm holes!) and fill the center with an almost clear resin slightly tinted with a faint water blue tint. This will flow like a river down the center of the table. The use of concrete, another of my favorites can also be used as well as a colored glass. You can also place items in the resin such as semi-precious stones and river rock (your imagination is the extent of what you can use). I love the juxtaposition of these natural elements together!  I will make sure and post (in 3-5 weeks) the completed table!

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