My story of the Modern Makeover for a Dated 1937 Beach Bungalow

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August 6, 2017
Texture & Neutrals create a Serene Space in a Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Home by Kelly Canada
March 17, 2018

Most of you that know me well, know that I can see a diamond in the rough. The ability to see what could be and the patience to use the most basic of materials and turn them into something very unique.

I struggled for months trying to locate a house that I felt stood out from the others. One that I could put my mark on and make my own. I almost purchased several other homes only to get “out bid” by other investors. Also I cancelled two contracts due to builder issues and previous poorly done upgrades found in the inspection phase.

I originally wrote this 1937 Beach Bungalow off as a potential purchase because the property was so large, and replacing all the grass and shrubery as well as caring for it later seemed a burden to me. A good friend insisted I go and see the home. I remember now driving into the area to see the home, I almost felt I had entered another city. Huge oak trees lined the streets and sunlight entered  the property setting it apart. I remember thinking as I drove up to the home that my deceased mother Celia would have absolutely loved this house.

The home was small, but had so much character. This 3 bedroom, one bath home had the kitchen and bath remodeled, and the wood floors had been refinished. I knew I would have to take out an existing wall between two bedrooms and add a bathroom and new closet. There would also have to be extensive painting inside and out, new irrigation, and all new landscaping. There was a new shed on the property that I would remodel as well, creating another very usuable space. (will post these photos in another blog)

10 weeks later, the construction was complete. Weeks of living on an airmattress in the living room and contractors at my door everyday at 7:15 am was not fun to say the least. It certainly gave me a better appreciation for clean floors and sleeping in.

I think my mom Celia would have really liked this home and so this post is in memory of her and for her teaching me to love all things, even a old piece of driftwood.

Salvaged door from EcoRelics in Jacksonville, FL. Antique mirror replaced existing glass

Salvaged door from EcoRelics in Jacksonville, FL. Antique mirror replaced existing glass

Barnwood from Home Depot applied on back wall of bathroom

Antique Mirror applied to backside of door facing into bathroom

New hardware applied to door

Barn door replaced where two standard doors led into two separate rooms

Reclaimed Driftwood from St Johns River made into shelving in old linen closet and LED strip lighting was added




Reclaimed Driftwood from St Johns River made into shelving

BEFORE PHOTOS:Wall behind bed was removed and Pecky Cypress bean replaced the structural support provided by wall

Small closet on left was bumped into room and a 82” closet was installed

Old bedroom before bathroom was added into new space. New bathroom sits where the sofa is currently located