Organic Modern Tree Stump Tables made EASY!!!

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November 9, 2016
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July 19, 2017

Hurricanes tend to bring “downed trees”…so I used the opportunity to snag some free tree stumps to do my next project: 4-5 tree stumps on wheels I will cluster together to make a coffee table that can be moved out of the way for parties. Great texture & unique character!

First I had to chizel off the loose bark before they are taken to be cut down evenly at the mill to 18” height. Just a “little elbow grease” needed!IMG_4517Next step is to sand, sand and sand some more the top and sides until smooth! How smooth is really a preference. I prefer a slight texture and roughness to the stumps.

I will paint the sides with an off white satin paint leaving the top a sealed natural wood tone. Final step is to select wheels. See two options below I selected at I will post the final product when complete! 





My inspirational images for this project: